Welcome to Folk Against Fascism (and other forms of naughtiness) in Cardiff!!


Orite everyone? We’re pleased to welcome you Cardiff’s branch of Folk Against Fascism. We’re a small group of folk who are looking to make it a BIG group of folk against fascism . As you may already be aware, FAF started as an answer to the BNP’s “obvious campaign to co-opt folk music and culture for their ideal of “Englishness”” Since then, several branches have started up all over the UK, all looking to reverse any notion that folk music and culture is somehow only ever by and for the English.

In Cardiff, we’re approaching things differently to what’s been happening over the border. Even before it became the capital of Wales, Cardiff, as a port city, has always been a meeting point for different cultures. As well as Welsh and English speakers, there are countless other migrant communities rubbing shoulders together here. For example, there has been a Somali community here for the past 200 years, one of the oldest black communities in the UK.

We’re looking forward to bringing everyone together in the same space, and celebrate the vast range of musical talent that lurks out there but never seems to be seen outside of the communities they are from. In doing this, we’re hoping to help break down some of the suspicion that sometimes can be felt when people don’t get to hang out in the same space and realise they have a lot more in common than they may have thought.

We believe that culture is a gift that is to be shared with other cultures. We believe that people – no matter how far away from one another in terms of geography, their religious beliefs, their cultural upbringing, etc – are far more similar than the BNP would have us believe.

As well as looking at issues to do with race, ethnicity and culture, we’re also looking at those to do with gender, sexuality and (dis)ability.Who knows to what extent we will focus on any of these latter issues – the point, really, is to bring people together to enjoy music, to enjoy togetherness.

As a result, the music policy on these nights is a lot more open ended than you might think. Welsh harps will be mixing with acoustic punk and Kurdish dancing….

As will always be the case, you are welcome to join in! Tell us your ideas, who you want to see live, if there are any local/national campaigns that would be a suitable focus for an event. We want Cardiff’s Folk Against Fascism to be something that you make as well as take. It is yours too.

To the future and to all its potential…


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