Fourth one!

February is LGBT history month, and to mark the end of it, Cardiff Folk Against Fascism present a decidedly queer evening……

First up, Kimwei:

“Kimwei performs her own material and accompanies her warm vocal tones with some of the meanest acoustic guitar playing you’re likely to witness on the UK circuit… Utilising various open tunings, and the whole of her guitar in a style that evokes the techniques of the late, great Michael Hedges and current big noise Newton Faulkner. Exeter-based, Kimwei cajoles sounds out of her instrument that have had some audience members questioning whether some sort of electronic wizardry is helping her to achieve the sound that she creates. But it’s all done with one acoustic guitar, one pair of hands and one very imaginative approach that opens up a whole new world of sound.”

— Plymouth Herald


Next up, the delectable sounds of Cardiff Folk Against Fascism’s very own Molly Zacharias.

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin says: “[Homosexuality] is wrong and needs to be pushed humanely but firmly back into the closet.”

We say time to put Griffin’s fascist lot back in the closet!

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