Second one!

Little Eris (Cymric electronica – see
Gav Music (soulful reggae vibes)
Alun Battrick (chilled Welsh language acoustic – see

ONLY £2!!!!!!!!!! Bargain!!!!!

First up, a little bit about Shrouk-El Attar. Shrouk is from Egypt and her family claimed asylum here. Unfortunately, as she is now 18 she is being forced by the UK Borders Agency to return. This could have dire consequences due her being gay and agnostic. So we’ve decided to put this night together to help raise awareness of this and some funds for her to fight back! This night will be the lauch of her campaign. Please come down and support! For further info, please look here:

We’ve got a multi-varied roster of music for you. And I know what you’re thinking…is it folk???? “Folk music is only the umbrella term/For the rhythm in everyday living/Folk is the music that’s made by folk and then given/Even if we rip it all up and start again!” That’s according to Clayton Blizzard who played at our first event last month. So you’ll have to forgive us for this extreme agenda-bendering 😉
Hope to see you down there!!!

Little Eris AKA Bronwen interviewed Shroukie and you can read all about it here.

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