No. 9!

The High Priest
“The bastard son of Bob Dylan, Eminem and Bill Hicks.” (Mojo Magazine).

A guitar-toting, rapping priest, hectoring his audience about capitalism, the media, celebs, war, racism and porn????? Yup, sure is. The High Priest is in town. This man at one stage was banned from virtually every venue in his native Folkestone for stirring up the crowds! Come and check out what all the fuss is about! Not for the faint hearted….

“This man knows no fear!” Steve Lamacq, Radio 1.

Check out the High Priest’s website – loads of free downloads!

Bobby Ballistics the Bhangra Bomb
Local legend Bobby AKA the original Taffystani, AKA the 6 million rupee man brings some rollicking beats and bhangra heat to Folk Against Fascism.

Check him out rocking the Cardiff Mela here:

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No. 8!

Tracey Curtis
Having previously been a part of pop punk band Shelley’s Children, Tracey’s solo career was launched almost by accident when she was encouraged by her children to write a protest song against a planned by-pass that would ruin their local riverside dens and rope swings.

Brian Sweeny
Lock up your Grandmothers! It’s the rude one from Kilnaboy! Expect double entendres aplenty!

Flora McKay
For the first time in quite a long time, Ms Mckay graces us with her musical ditties, not to be missed!!

a steal at only £2!

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No. 7!

A solo singer, songwriter and musician for some years. Born into this troubled world in the Midlands on the day Sadam Hussain invaded Kuwait, the inspiration for her lyrics come from her experiences of life. She enjoys performing live and has been lucky, and talented enough, to perform with many of the artists she admires. Oh and she plays keyboards for the King Blues too.

Olive Anne
One of a new generation of Cardiff musicans who craft genuinely beautiful songs.

Andrew Spiteri
Local man about town picks up his guitar and treats us to his tunes. I don’t know what to expect either!

a mere £2

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Sixth one!

We’re using this event to launch Cosmo‘s single F@ck the BNP. The BNP were in Cardiff yesterday (Monday 2nd May) and 30 antifascists turned up to say hello. The BNP are in meltdown but are trying to target seats in the Welsh Assembly – hence the single launch. We’re hoping to raise money from the release for Welsh Antifa who are going to be mobilising antifascist activity in Wales soon . So buy the single this week and tell the BNP where to go!! Here’s the link:

Clayton Blizzard did the first FAF night back in October. We were so shocked he’d never done a headline show in this city we’ve dragged him back across the Severn to feed him to us lions once more.

If you haven’t come across the Blizz before, visit his Myspace.

“This is what music should be about: fusion is the future. Black meets white, genre meets genre, folk and phat, inspiring and pure genius.”
The Fly

“Ultra witty acoustic hip hop and political songs of the people; the original intentions of folk re-incarnated in a modern medium. It’s entertaining, endearing and occasionally uncomfortably on the money.”
Fact Fans

“Cult figure on a steep ascent. Few artists have you in stitches, fewer have you in tears. A unique and glorious performer, he has you in a headlock throughout.”
Remote Goat

J-us are a duo from Cardiff via Guinea. They perform phat, lo-fi beats and combine it with singing and MCing. All aspects of life covered. Some tunes to follow.

There will be some VERY special guests performing on these evening – including a local character you would never believe could play and sing. Stay tooned 😉

ONLY 2 SQUID!!!!!!

The fascist BNP are standing in the Welsh Assembly elections and UK local government ones too. But look what’s happening:

No time to be slack, mind. Let’s keep up the pressure!

Post script – this event also included Lou Noble, who stepped in to do the penultimate set at the last minute, and local lege Adam Johannes who had never played in public before! F@ck the BNP got to number 3 in the Amazon folk mp3 download charts, ahead of Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel and others, and the BNP got 0.8% of the vote in Wales. They were also decimated in the English council elections.
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Fifth one!


Confirmed: the gravel-toned genius that is Beans On Toast. His myspace page alone has attracted nearly half a million views. He has toured America. He writes songs about sex, drugs and politics. Hs songs are often about all three. You didn’t know that it could make sense, but it so does. He often stands on a chair whilst performing. We don’t know why this is. It might be that he’s very short. His 50-track debut album was produced by Ben Lovett from Mumford & Sons.

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Fourth one!

February is LGBT history month, and to mark the end of it, Cardiff Folk Against Fascism present a decidedly queer evening……

First up, Kimwei:

“Kimwei performs her own material and accompanies her warm vocal tones with some of the meanest acoustic guitar playing you’re likely to witness on the UK circuit… Utilising various open tunings, and the whole of her guitar in a style that evokes the techniques of the late, great Michael Hedges and current big noise Newton Faulkner. Exeter-based, Kimwei cajoles sounds out of her instrument that have had some audience members questioning whether some sort of electronic wizardry is helping her to achieve the sound that she creates. But it’s all done with one acoustic guitar, one pair of hands and one very imaginative approach that opens up a whole new world of sound.”

— Plymouth Herald


Next up, the delectable sounds of Cardiff Folk Against Fascism’s very own Molly Zacharias.

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin says: “[Homosexuality] is wrong and needs to be pushed humanely but firmly back into the closet.”

We say time to put Griffin’s fascist lot back in the closet!

Join Cardiff Folk Against Fascism Facebook page here:

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Second one!

Little Eris (Cymric electronica – see
Gav Music (soulful reggae vibes)
Alun Battrick (chilled Welsh language acoustic – see

ONLY £2!!!!!!!!!! Bargain!!!!!

First up, a little bit about Shrouk-El Attar. Shrouk is from Egypt and her family claimed asylum here. Unfortunately, as she is now 18 she is being forced by the UK Borders Agency to return. This could have dire consequences due her being gay and agnostic. So we’ve decided to put this night together to help raise awareness of this and some funds for her to fight back! This night will be the lauch of her campaign. Please come down and support! For further info, please look here:

We’ve got a multi-varied roster of music for you. And I know what you’re thinking…is it folk???? “Folk music is only the umbrella term/For the rhythm in everyday living/Folk is the music that’s made by folk and then given/Even if we rip it all up and start again!” That’s according to Clayton Blizzard who played at our first event last month. So you’ll have to forgive us for this extreme agenda-bendering 😉
Hope to see you down there!!!

Little Eris AKA Bronwen interviewed Shroukie and you can read all about it here.

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